XO's mission is building a more secure, trustworthy, and engaging social network for friend-making.

With decentralized user verification, AI assistance, and tokenized incentives, we believe the technology offers a wealth of opportunities for our users and our network.

One of the primary reasons we are utilizing Web3 is to combat fraud and fake accounts, which have plagued social media and dating apps for years. Decentralized user verification systems allow for verifiable trustworthiness based on a user's on-chain activity. This gives users a greater sense of security and trust in the platform and helps to eliminate fake accounts and bots.

Dapps and dating apps can get benefit of fraud prevention and user profile/content sharing by integrating XO protocol.

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On-chain Activities

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XOUL - Soul Bond Tokens

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Cyber L2


Why Web3

The emergence of the Web3 infrastructure has presented new opportunities for cross-platform socializing. This includes the use of tokenized incentive models and NFT-gated communities to increase user engagement and brand loyalty. NFTs have quickly become widely regarded as one of the best tools to bring about brand loyalty when implemented correctly, causing major brands such as Nike, Starbucks, and even Gucci to enter the Web3 and NFT scene. To incentivize and reward meaningful conversations, we pioneered a Chat2Earn system that rewards users based on our proof-of-companionship algorithm.

Our Advantage in AI

With 4M+ daily messages and 1M+ monthly matches, XO has strong data-driven model to build robust AI models for AI assistant and recommendation system.

Similar to how AWS powers the applications made of web2.0, our AI foundational Layer consist of multiple LLM may power up user engagement for dApps.

  • User profile, tags & stories into 16K LLM to summarize speech stye, personality, hobbies.

  • RLHF from real data

  • On-chain data integration.

XO is using new technology paradigm that will reshape the way we interact with each other online. Standing at the intersection of AI and Web3, XO is committed to exploring how technology can be used to solve the loneliness epidemic.

With nearly zero marketing, our app has naturally grown from 0 to 1.5M users. Our success is in large part thanks to word of mouth and our avid user base. Our users enjoy the safe space XO provides to share their emotions since everything is anonymous. Join us in transforming the way people connect and build relationships.

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