Users can register and verify themselves on https://xoul.xoapp.co

When you register on XO, you'll receive an AA wallet linked to your unique XO Soul-bond Token (XOUL). This token enhances your account by allowing various verification methods to boost your score, focusing on three key areas:

  1. Security: Enhance your online safety through multiple validation methods like facial recognition, social network verification, ENS, and partnerships with DID providers, prioritizing your secure presence in the digital world.

  2. Better Matching Recommendation: Interact with an AI sidekick that learns your preferences to provide more suitable matches. Holding XO partner NFTs grants access to an exclusive Alpha Community, connecting you with fellow NFT holders for meaningful interactions.

  3. Social Credibility: Factors like your social media following, ownership of blue-chip NFTs, companionship score on the XO app, and your posts contribute to a comprehensive social credit score, making your digital persona more credible to others.

For those with high scores, we offer a personalized AI twin (Beta) service. This feature allows you to "split your soul" into an AI chatbot, expanding your social interaction capabilities and providing a more enjoyable and engaging social discovery experience.

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