Alpha Cell utility


  1. Chat2Earn: our Chat2Earn mechanic is based on a PoC Algorithm (Proof-of-Companionship). Each Alpha Cell has a limited daily earning potential, you can increase the earning potential and earning rate by leveling up your Alpha Cell and by holding more Alpha Cells

  1. NFT Gamification: Chat in-app to earn Space Food & Water that can be fed to level up your Alpha Cell. Leveling up your Alpha Cell will evolve your Alpha Cell's on-chain and physical traits. Your earning potential (Chat2Earn) also increases as you level up your Alpha Cell. We also have some top-secret prizes for users that evolve their Alpha Cells to level 4

  2. Offline Meetups: At XO, community building is a core value that we take seriously. As a testament to our commitment, we recently hosted our inaugural offline gathering for our esteemed Alpha Cell holders. Our aim is to expand the reach of these meetups to diverse locations globally while ensuring they are engaging and enjoyable experiences for all participants

  3. NFTfrens: Access to our NFTfrens private channel

  4. DAO voting power: Check out our DAO here where our alpha cell holders are able to vote on app features, governance proposals, and NFTfrens collection onboarding. Each Alpha Cell has a voting weight of 1, thus the more you hold, the higher the voting power you have

  5. Additional In-App Perks: Our recent New Year's Resolution campaign highlights our commitment to delivering value to our Alpha Cell holders. During the campaign, users had the opportunity to showcase their New Year's Resolutions on our ad banner for a week. While all users could participate for a fee, Alpha Cell holders were able to display their resolutions for free. As we continuously strive to bring in-app and out-of-app benefits to our Alpha Cell holders, we plan to continue exploring innovative ways to provide added value in the future.

  6. Exclusive Discord Perks: Alpha Call channel, WL spots, etc

  7. Membership to the ROOIVERSE: Metaverse access, perks of being a XO Citizen, full IP ownership, and commercial rights to your NFT

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