Alpha Cells

Alpha Cell Collection

Our 999 genesis collection aimed at onboarding our Web2 users to Web3 as we transition XO to becoming a full-on dApp. These cute cybernetic pets are the perfect partner in crime for your friend-making journey on XO.

We airdropped multiple Alpha Cells to hyper users on our app. This process included us individually reaching out to the users, educating them about what Alpha Cell is, and then guiding them to create their own wallet so that we can airdrop it into their newly created crypto wallet

Quick facts

  • Alpha Cell features a virtual and interoperable blockchain pet-raising experience

  • Alpha Cell is built on Ethereum with the ERC-721 token standard.

  • Alpha Cell revolves around Chat2Earn, emotion detection, and chatroom engagement.

Check out the utility of Alpha Cells below 👇

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