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Currently, Chat2Earn is live on our app in the form of our off-chain token for testing purposes


There are a number of parameters we are testing before going live with an on-chain token.

  • Stress testing of our Chat2Earn reward algorithm -- PoC Algorithm

    • Tested on our 5M+ daily chats

    • Analyzing reward mechanism for possible cheating of the algorithm

  • Observing user behavior from being rewarded in-app currency for chatting

  • Identifying spending use cases

    • What sorts of behavior and features would users be willing to pay and/or spend the in-app token for to make sure there can be a sustainable token economy of equal spending and earning


Check out the Chatroom section to learn more about how we utilize visual cues along with the token rewards to create a positive feedback loop for users and increase user engagement

Learn how the Algorithm works 👇

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