PoC Algorithm

Proof of Companionship (PoC): Our consensus algorithm that determines the rewards for our Cha2Earn mechanic


Each chatroom is given a health bar. The background color of the chatroom starts to glow as health increases. When health reaches 100%, a gift is dropped and health is reset but the chatroom background stays the same unless there is a full day of inactivity. Gifts can be received X times a day and the health bar is reset at 0:00 local time


The Chat2Earn formula is combined with several elements of engagement, including:

  • Mutual msg

  • Mutual screen time-consuming

  • Prompt reply

  • Streaks

  • Play chatbot games

  • Add as friend


To further prevent anti-cheating, we have filters around what gets counted as mutual messages (a), and if a match is disconnected and then matched again, the health bar gets reset.

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