ROO utility

Try out ROO AR

As XO is a user-generated content-based platform, ROO holders will have access to this fun feature to create more interesting posts of their surroundings and their ROO.

Give ROO AR a try now -> ROO AR

$XO mining in chatroom (Chat2Earn)

In the third quarter of 2023, we will first conduct mining efficiency tests using the central currency, $rStar. All XO users can mine through chat, but only owners of ROO NFTs can activate the Shop feature and redeem actual goods. $XO cryptocurrency is expected to be officially launched in the third quarter of 2024.

What is $rStar? $rStar is the central currency issued by XO, which cannot be traded with fiat currency. Owners of ROO NFTs can purchase items in the Shop using $rStar.

How do players deposit $rStar? $rStar cannot be traded with virtual or fiat currency, and can only be obtained through deep chat in user chat rooms by mining. ROO holders could have absolute better $rStar mining efficiency.

How do players withdraw $rStar? $rStar cannot be traded with virtual or fiat currency, and cannot be withdrawn.

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