Business Model [B2B]


At XO, our beloved AI bartender has decided to make a side hustle out of conversational ads and opinion mining for brands. The AI bartender is designed to offer both engaging conversational ad experiences and valuable opinion-mining opportunities for businesses. By engaging with over 70,000 users each month, XO provides an effective platform for companies to reach their target audiences, increase engagement, and gain a deeper understanding of their customer's needs and preferences. Say goodbye to traditional, generic advertisements and hello to a personalized, interactive experience that will leave a lasting impact.

Conversational Ads

Conversational advertising is a form of marketing that uses natural language processing and AI-powered dialogue to create interactive conversations between a customer and a brand. This dialogue is designed to personalize the customer’s experience and to make the customer’s journey through the advertisement more enjoyable. By allowing brands to provide customers with personalized content, conversational ads are incredibly effective in increasing engagement and building customer loyalty.

The AI bartender on XO can host conversations between customers and brands in order to deliver unique conversational ad experiences. This AI-powered system can ask specific questions to the customer, such as their favorite type of product, and then provide tailored recommendations based on the customer’s answers. By using conversational ads, brands can gain valuable insights into their customer’s likes, needs, and preferences in order to create better ads and more engaging content.

Opinion Mining

Opinion mining is the process of extracting customer sentiment and opinion from natural language text. It is used for mining customer feedback and reviews in order to gain valuable insights about customer preferences and needs. By using opinion mining, brands are able to gain insight into user sentiment on their products and services in order to create a better customer experience.

The AI bartender on XO can ask customers specific questions in order to gauge user sentiment on a certain topic or product. This AI-powered system will then analyze the customer’s responses in order to determine customer preferences and opinions. By using opinion mining, brands are able to gain valuable insight into what customers think about their products and services in order to create better ads, more engaging content, and improve the overall customer experience.

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