To increase user engagement, create a positive feedback loop, and facilitate deep connections between users, we implemented the following functions within the Chatroom:

  1. AI Chatbot -- facilitates conversations and provides games you can play with your chat partner

  2. Chat2Earn -- get rewarded with tokens for meaningful conversations

  3. Visual Cues -- see the chatroom light up and get a present airdropped to you when the algorithm senses "good vibes" in the chatroom

Thanks to these features, our users are so engaged, they spend on average 50 mins per day on XO, nearly twice that of Facebook and Snapchat

Chat Room FeaturesDescription
  • Sparks accumulation is based on the same algorithm that powers our Chat2Earn mechanism

  • Mini-games hosted by our AI bartender

  • Add the user as a friend to unlock their past stories and secret cards

Instant Match Feature

We created an instant match feature that enters a user into a queue with all other users also in the instant match queue. Once you click "Instant Match", the user can exit out of the window and stay in the queue. A chatroom will open up and the user will receive a notification when a match is found. Free users can only use this feature once every 24 hours.

Instant Match can be found at the bottom of the "Chats" tab

Up Next: learn about our AI Chatbot 👇

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