Future Plans

Onboarding the next billion users to Web3

Our goal is to open a wallet for each user that registers on XO. The benefits of this include:

  1. Allows users to hold their own crypto that they earn from Chat2Earn

  2. Allow Web2 users to easily start building their on-chain identity

    1. This could allow for other apps to utilize our authentication process and allow users to transfer their in-app activity and built trustworthiness over to other anonymous apps without having to make the user use KYC or photo verification

  3. Future flexibility to easily allow users to buy and hold NFTs

Opening a wallet for even our web2 users that download the XO app will allow them to experience a portion of the Web3 benefits that our app has to offer. We want to make Chat2Earn not just a feature for Web3 but make it accessible to the mainstream audience as well. Account Abstraction is one promising method that can make self-custody a viable option for a mainstream audience. However, even with the current poor UI of EOAs and having to manage your own private keys, it is still possible to incentivize users to take the effort to learn how to download a Metamask and interact with the blockchain if the rewards they earn through Chat2Earn on our app is large enough. Opening a wallet for users first and then educating them about how to use this wallet once they decide to. That is the angle we are taking in facilitating the effortless onboarding of Web2 users to Web3. Additionally, we also rolled out the Alpha Cells as a further way to use a cute, dynamic, and interactive NFT to onboard Web2 users to Web3.

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