Discord and Twitter are great for following your favorite projects, influencers, and finding the latest alpha. However, unless you are able to attend crypto meetups, are extremely extroverted and can make friends on Twitter spaces, or have the secret formula to successfully network in dm's, it's quite hard to make friends in Web3. NFTfrens is here to solve this and become the Bumble BFF for Web3 friend-making. If you are lucky enough to enter this exclusive community, you will find yourself surrounded by blue-chip NFT holders chatting in a casual setting

Storytime: a year ago, a Taiwanese couple actually met on XO, ended up getting married, and then reached out to us asking if we could send them the chat logs of their first conversation where it all started

Currently, the app only supports Ethereum-based NFTs, but we are exploring the possibility of expanding to include BNB, CRO, Polygon, and Arbitrum in the future.

Community Onboarding

NFT communities to join NFTfrens will be carefully selected to maintain the quality of this group. XO NFT holders can get verified on our discord and will have access to our DAO which will allow holders to vote on

  1. NFT communities to add to NFTfrens

  2. App features to implement

  3. Governance proposals regarding the future direction of XO

NFT projected we partner with

Example: A ROO holder could create a proposal to add Bored Apes to NFTfrens. If Bored Apes were voted in, the Bored Ape NFT contract will be added to the allow list, thus, when you connect your wallet to the XO app, if you hold a Bored Ape, you will then automatically have access to NFTfrens.

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