During the onboarding experience when a user first downloads XO:

Users will be prompted to enter:
  • Phone number

  • Nickname

  • Birthdate

  • Gender

Users will be prompted to choose:

1) Find your perfect match (to determine what gender users to prioritize for you)

  • Choices:

    • I'm open (you will see all users regardless of gender)

    • Men (the algorithm will prioritize male users until you run out)

    • Women (the algorithm will prioritize female users for you until you run out)

2) Personal Tags (this is for your first story post)

  • Users will be prompted to choose 3~5 personal tags in order to match with users with similar interests. The tags will show up as part of your auto-generated story that gets posted by the end of the onboarding process. This will help you be able to immediately start getting into swiping and receive matches with other users once you enter the app

3) Create your first story (post a picture that best represents you)

Backend functions

There are two backend functions that will execute once a user finishes the onboarding process:

  1. Auto-queue for Instant Match

    --> Our Instant Match pairs simultaneously online users that are both in the queue, into a chatroom. We enter new users right into this queue to get them a match as soon as possible

the onboarding experience is made to be as simple as possible, require as little personal info as possible, and help the user create a story by the end of the onboarding process so that they can start receiving matches right away.


To authenticate users, we are currently only using phone number authentication in which users will get prompted to enter their phone number and input the verification code that they received. Users will be able to further authenticate themselves by connecting their crypto wallet to the app to verify their account through (DIDs)

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