Private Channels


Aside from a few default channels that are public when you enter, the majority of our app's channels are private. Similar to subreddits, our private channels create communities around a certain topic. Our private channels are designed to:

  • Make it easy to find chat partners with similar topics

  • The invitation code system ensures high-quality members

  • Private community membership is not easy, making this a badge of honor for many users

Private Channels DemoTo Join A Private Channel
  • Members can generate one-time invitation codes

  • Share this code with new members you would like to invite

  • Simply click the blue "invitation code" button and enter the code

  • Once used, the code can no longer be used by others to join the community

This method of invitation allows for a more selective and personal process, ensuring that new members are carefully chosen by current members and promoting a close-knit community of members with shared values or interests.

Creating Safe in-App Communities

Our private channels make it easy to find chat partners with the same topic. With over 70% of our users identifying as LGBTQ+, creating a safe space for emotional expression and support is a top priority. Our member-invite-only private channel system ensures that our communities remain safe and secure. Our private LGBTQ channel is our most active and supportive community where users feel comfortable sharing their emotions, struggles, and even finding love.

Learn about our Web3 Private Community 👇


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