Security and Content Moderation

Content moderation

Content moderation is an important aspect of XO's platform that ensures the safe and respectful use of the app. Our AI filters out sensitive data and detects any content that may be deemed unsafe for viewing, such as violent or explicit material. The app features a "safe mode" toggle in the settings, which allows users to control the visibility of potentially 18+ content. When turned on, content flagged as unsafe by the AI will not be visible.

In addition to the AI filter, XO also relies on user reports to identify and address any content that may violate our community guidelines. If a post reaches a certain threshold of reports, it may result in a device ban for the user who posted it.

To further ensure the safety and integrity of our platform, XO also has a team of human moderators who review individual channels and take appropriate actions, such as issuing warnings or bans, as necessary. This multi-layered approach to content moderation helps to create a positive and respectful environment for all users on XO.

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