Verifiable Trustworthiness

The Problem with Traditional Dating Apps

Dating and friend-making apps are plagued by fake accounts and bots. This is a large issue as it impacts user trust and the quality of matches. While methods such as KYC and Tinder's verified account checkmark have been used to fight these fake accounts and bots, they are not good fits for the Web3 anonymous narrative.

How XO Solves This Using DIDs

Users may create their XO identity on

While users create accounts, the SBT will be connected to the custodial wallets we've created for users. Users can update their SBT by finishing verifications.

When creating an account on XO, users have the option to connect their crypto wallet in the user account tab. Simply by connecting their wallet, assuming the wallet has an on-chain history, the app is able to verify the user's trustworthiness through their on-chain activity and provide better matches for the user.

XO leverages decentralized identifiers (DIDs) to establish verifiable trustworthiness among its users. , DIDs cannot be tampered with or stolen, making them exceptionally secure and reliable. By connecting their wallet to the app, users can identify themselves in a secure and safe manner.

In conclusion, XO stands apart from other dating apps by utilizing decentralized identifiers, which provide a safe and reliable form of digital identification. This eliminates the issues of fake accounts and bots, creating a secure platform for users to connect with one another.

Future Plans

XO also has plans to implement an appraisal system that gets updated on-chain. This feature will help users build their decentralized identity from their interactions on the app. This appraisal system will be based on user activity, such as the number of messages sent, the length of their conversations, and the overall satisfaction of their connections. By having a clear and reliable appraisal system, users can be sure that they are interacting with genuine people, not bots or fake accounts.

Overall, XO is able to avoid the issues of fake accounts and bots that plague other dating apps by utilizing decentralized identifiers. This secure form of digital identification, combined with an appraisal system that gets updated on-chain, provides users with a safe and reliable platform to connect with one another.

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